All newly constructed grain bins are sealed to their foundations for maximum efficiency and prolonged life. All leading manufacturers like Brock, GSI, Butler, Westeel, Twister, Behlen, Stormor, Lambton, and Sukup recommend their bins to be sealed to their foundations and do so, when constructed.

Waterproofing metal grain bins has always been a struggle. Finding a product that will work for more than one season is even harder. Many products have been put on the market, but almost nothing seems to last or truly waterproof grain bins. We are able to replace all the old main sealants that fail such as foam, tar, caulk and paint sealants.

Grain bins expand and contract in a number of ways, hot and cold temperatures, loading and unloading, ground movement and so on. Which in a short time, under continuous movement and high air pressure, the original manufacturer’s seals break down.

Allowing water to penetrate and heat/air to escape, stopping grain bins from operating as originally designed and efficiently. Causing costly damage and wasting always increasing energy. In most instances the damage accrues before owners are even aware.

Applying hot rubber sealant and asphalt polymer spray to grain bin foundations preserves their life and allows grain bins to operate efficiently. Resealing your grain bins to their foundations, will make a water, air and vermin resistant seal, stopping erosion and deterioration for many years to come.


• Hot rubber sealant and asphalt polymer spray expands and contracts, stretching and compressing as the bins foundations and rings or panels move.
• Stays flexible, without cracking or drying out, in all temperatures.
• Can be installed when bins are either full or empty.
• Applied at 450°F for maximum adherence to foundations, rings, panels, flanges and joints.
• Easily pouring behind stiffeners and fasteners, filling all voids and cracks. Making a maintenance free, water, air and vermin resistant seal around bins.
• Eliminates loss of heat/air from dryer and storage bins, allowing bins to operate more efficiently as originally designed.
• Stops galvanize metal, bottom rings or panels, from rusting, eroding. While saving stiffeners and fasteners from deteriorating.
• Repairs exterior stress cracking and chipping of concrete foundations. While sealing out moisture and frost from further costly foundation damage.
• Does what no other product can, keeps water out and heat and air in year round. While staying maintenance free for many years to come.  



Another common problem with bins left unsealed is metal erosion/deterioration from rust due to leaking water. Ring or panel replacement is very complicated and expensive. Rust, when left untreated, causes bins to weaken and sometimes fail: 

“Water Damage”

“Erosion/Deterioration to stiffeners”

“After lifting a full aeration floor”

“Interior of an unsealed bin”

Below are some examples of the failed sealants and unprotected bins:

“Tar cracks, holding water that can cause costly damage”

“Foam deteriorates, holds water that can cause costly damage”

The only lasting alterative: 

“Applied Hot Rubber Sealant and Asphalt Polymer”

“A completely sealed bin for many years to come”

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